Supermarket spending returns to ‘normal’ after four months on the rise

The grocery shopping returned to normal during the month of July after four months shot by Covid-19According to the figures managed by the consulting firm Nielsen, which is already entering a “new stage” marked by economic difficulties. The data collected by Nielsen Spain they point to a 4.5% increase in supermarket spending in July compared to the same month of the previous year, in line with the increase registered during the first two months of the year, before the pandemic.

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This rise contrasts with the spikes experienced between march and june, with increases in spending per week that ranged from el 8 and 72%. According to the consultancy, the covid-19 can be divided into three stages: the collection phase, in March, when the disbursement in the supermarket shot up an average of 29%; he confinement, with an increase of 17%; and the de-escalation, which started at the end of May with increases of around 8%.

The stability observed in July is due to the spending moderation in both packaged and fresh food, especially in the second fortnight. Lthe only exception has been the fruit, which grew by 16% and became the only major category that remained in the double digits.


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