Superstar Footballers Move for Money: Messi to the US, Benzema to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi moves to the United States. Karim Benzema moves to Saudi Arabia. Where Cristiano Ronaldo has been kicking for a few months. What all three superstars have in common is that they are on the home stretch of their great careers and have paid for these last few meters with a lot of money. That is humanly understandable.


All three also have in common that despite their advanced footballing age – Ronaldo is 38 years old, Benzema and Messi 35 each – they are still among the world’s best players.

Messi led Argentina to the World Cup title in winter. Benzema has been awarded the Ballon d’Or and European Footballer of the Year for his achievements in 2022. And Ronaldo guided his colleagues from Manchester United despite all the discord in relation to the club, he was the captain in his last game before going to Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, these outstanding footballers are attracted to leagues where they can earn a lot of money but few sporting merits. The trio will no longer have anything to do with the relevant competition. And even if Messi on a possible transfer to Saudi Arabia could have earned even more, he won’t make a bad cut in the “Sunshine State”. After all, the return to nostalgia failed FC Barcelona to the claims of the Messi side.


The fatal and another sign of everything that goes wrong in football: The industry is now so overexcited globally that the relevant company can no longer afford the best players. The European football business in particular has the problem, because at least Messi and Benzema could have offered the fans some big Champions League evenings. But they don’t want to anymore.

2023-06-08 15:02:48

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