Superstar forces Spotify to change

On November 19, 2021, the latest album by the British singer Adele, was finally released. The album has received very good feedback, including from Rolling Stone who have named “30” as the best Adele album to date.

However, the release has not been completely painless for the superstar.

Only requirement

Adele comes with harsh criticism of Spotify, as the streaming service has gone against her only demands, according to herself.

– This was the only requirement I had in a constantly changing industry. We do not create albums with so much work and reflection for the track list for no reason. Our art tells a story, and our stories should be listened to as we thought. Thanks to Spotify for listening, Adele wrote on Twitter in response to the response.

The flow of history

The “30” album contains very emotional songs, which Adele wrote through the most turbulent part of her life, according to TMZ.

She refers to the songs as her “Ride or Die” through this time, in other words as her companion.

The songs therefore have a high artistic and sentimental value for the artist, and Adele believes the order of the songs is important for the story that is told.

Spotify has now listened to the criticism of Adele, and removed the “shuffle” function on the album – a button that allows you to jump back and forth between songs automatically.

Now the album can only be listened to in the set order, to ensure the flow of the story, writes TMZ.

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