Supersub Bongonda gets his act together and sends Genk to the lead in Europe play-offs | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 31′ – Doelpunt – Daniel Muñoz (1 – 0)
  2. 25′ – Yellow – Aziz Ouattara Mohammed
  3. 14′ – Yellow – Rob Schoofs
  1. 90+4′ – Goal – Joseph Paintsil (4 – 2)
  2. 90+3′ – Verv. Luca Oyen door Mujaid Sadick
  3. 87′ – Free kick goal – Theo Bongonda (3 – 2)
  4. 84′ – Free kick goal – Rob Schoofs (2 – 2)
  5. 81′ – Cont. Lucas Bijker by Rick van Drongelen
  6. 80′ – Goal – Theo Bongonda (2 – 1)
  7. 78 ‘- Verv. Paul Onuachu door Theo Bongonda
  8. 75′ – Yellow – Lucas Bijker
  9. 70′ – Yellow – Hugo Cuypers
  10. 69 ‘- Verv. Aziz Ouattara Mohammed door Joseph Paintsil
  11. 69 ‘- Verv. Kristian Thorstvedt by Patrik Hrošovský
  12. 67 ‘- Verv. Geoffry Hairemans by Gustav Engvall
  13. 62 ‘- Verv. Nikola Storm by Marian Shved
  14. 60′ – Goal – Geoffry Hairemans (1 – 1)

There may still be a nice end to Genk’s weak season. The Limburgers take the lead in the Europe play-offs after a victory against KV Mechelen. Substitute Theo Bongonda crowned himself the match winner with two goals.

Genk – KV Mechelen in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Rob Schoofs seems to save a point for KV Mechelen with a vicious free kick. Three minutes later, however, Bongonda does the same in a match that was full of plot twists. †
  • Man of the match: Theo Bongonda was probably a bit annoyed that he was not allowed to start. He just made an excellent comeback. The winger scored after just 2 minutes. A few minutes later, he also scored a nice free kick.
  • Remarkable: KV Mechelen has to wait a while for a win in Genk. It has been since October 18, 2009 that Malinwa was able to triumph on Genk soil.

Good start from the visitors

The (provisional?) lead was at stake in Genk tonight. KV Mechelen sniffed at that spot with a good opening phase. Schoofs was close to a goal, but Vandevoordt put a stop to it with an outstretched toe. The goal fell on the other side. Ito saw Muñoz wipe his flank and he didn’t miss.

After the break, the fans in attendance got their money’s worth. Hairemans first hit the bar, but not much later he made the nets vibrate. Genk then had to wait for Bongonda’s offensive impulses. Two minutes after his substitute, our compatriot shot in across the corner.

Mechelen springs straight, but Genk trots on

Not that the cups went down with the visitors. On the contrary. With a genius idea, Schoofs put his club back on the same level on a free kick. Redo everything again.

“I can do that too”, Bongonda must have thought. Less than three minutes later, Genk received a free kick at a good distance from Coucke’s goal. Still, Bongonda managed to beat Malinwa’s goalkeeper a second time. The wall of Mechelen promptly opened completely.

In the ultimate final Paintsil completely secured the Genk victory. Genk is currently in the lead in the Europe play-offs. Gent of course still has to play against Charleroi.

Vrancken: “3rd goal is a rookie mistake”

Wouter Vrancken: “That third goal against is a beginner’s mistake. The wall just opens completely. As a result, Coucke can no longer reach that ball. That is a shame, because otherwise you will go home with something. That wall must simply remain standing. Bongonda then kicks straight. in the wall and we are talking about a bad free kick. Now a goal flows.”

Theo Bongonda: “I don’t know if I’m the man of the match. I think the most important thing is that we won. If they need me, I try to contribute something. I have nothing to prove to anyone.”

  1. end, 10 p.m. 36. End. The crazy competition is over. In the second half, KV Mechelen equalized twice, but Bongonda came in excellent. He scored twice. In the end, Paintsil completely secured the Genk victory.  †
  2. second half, minute 96 match over
  3. Goal during the second half, minute 94 by Joseph Paintsil of KRC Genk. 4, 2.
  4. second half, minute 94. GOAL! 4-2 Paintsil. Genk now gets a lot of space and benefits from it. Paintsil may lay out the leather and then kick into the goal. The three points remain in Genk.  †
  5. second half, minute 93. Substitution at KRC Genk, Mujaid Sadick in, Luca Oyen out
  6. second half, minute 92. KV Mechelen forces another corner and Coucke goes along. He can put his head against it, but not enough. Seconds later Cuypers can kick, via Vandevoordt in a corner.  †
  7. Goal after free kick in second half, minute 87 by Theo Bongonda of KRC Genk. 3, 2.
  8. second half, minute 87.
  9. second half, minute 87. GOAL! 3-2 Bongonda. It won’t end tonight. Genk takes the lead for a third time. Now it is Bongonda who trick the keeper with a free kick from far. He kicks right through the wall. †
  10. second half, minute 84.
  11. second half, minute 84. GOAL! 2-2 Sheaf. There is the equalizer of Mechelen again and what a goal! Schoofs has a patent on pearls and will do it all over again tonight. He curls a free kick into goal. Vandevoordt lets himself be carried away.  †
  12. Goal after free kick during second half, minute 84 by Rob Schoofs of KV Mechelen. 2, 2.
  13. second half, minute 81. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Rick van Drongelen in, Lucas Bijker out
  14. Var. The VAR takes another look at the images. Was Paintsil offside for that goal? The 2-1 remains on the scoreboard.  † second half, minute 81.
  15. second half, minute 80.
  16. second half, minute 80. GOAL! 2-1 Bongonda. Talk about a gold bill. He is on the field barely two minutes and he can score immediately. He takes on goalkeeper Coucke with his left.  †
  17. Goal during the second half, minute 80 by Theo Bongonda of KRC Genk. 2, 1.
  18. second half, minute 78. Bongonda immediately creates danger. The substitute crosses his shot, Coucke goes flat.  †
  19. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KRC Genk, Theo Bongonda in, Paul Onuachu out