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"Supertalent": Geiger (18) does not play a single song – jury is completely tied up

Cologne –
A boy, a violin – of course, the Belgian Sebastiaan Kulwanowski (18) wants to prove his musical skills in the seventh episode of "Supertalent" (Saturday at 8.15 pm on RTL). But: he does not play a single song.
Anyway, the amazement within the juror trio is great, as talented talent Sebastiaan enters the stage and explains that he "does not actually present any kind of music" on his violin.
Impressive special effectsDieter Bohlen, Sylvie Meis and Bruce Darnell look confused. Then the young musician finally clarifies: "I imitate sound effects." Whether everyday sounds or animal sounds – the 18-year-old actually has a huge repertoire of impressive special effects in store (watch video above).
Cow, fire truck, alarm – while the violinist gradually presents his effects, the jury is getting more and more excited. Even Dieter Bohlen's eyes are getting bigger and bigger. No wonder, with this crazy talent. Over it last week half of Germany laughed: The acrobatics duo "MaJa Kürflüge" got the "super talent" Buh-calls and hard jury criticism (read more here) Bruce Darnell is skeptical: " I hate this instrument "Already at the age of six he started playing the violin. "Actually, I wanted to learn guitar, but the course was full – so I signed up for a violin class," recalls Sebastiaan of his beginnings.
For almost a year, he has made it his mission to re-enact the most curious sounds on his instrument – and celebrates his premiere on the Supertalent stage with this talent. Bruce Darnell dreads it even before the show, because: "I hate this instrument." Akrobatin dares great premiereAlso with her, the jury was completely baffled: An acrobat wants to inspire with its tricks on a flywheel – many meters above the heads of the audience. To hover directly above the audience, that's never been the case with the super talent. That's why I felt like trying it out, "explains swinging acrobat Lisa Rinne (30) from Cologne before her performance. "That's a first for me, too."
The swinging harness, that's the passion of Lisa Rinne.
Photo: MG RTL D / Morris Mac Matzen

While studying at the Academy of Circus and Performance Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands, she discovered her passion for the swinging trapeze that has become Lisa's life.
Lisa Rinne hovers directly over the audience.
Photo: MG RTL D / Morris Mac Matzen

With her life and stage partner Andreas Bartl, Lisa has developed the show "Circus UnARTiq", with which she performs regularly.Ob the Supertalent jury to Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and Sylvie Meis the floating acrobat will be pleased? Dieter Bohlen: "I can At any rate, Dieter Bohlen seems anxious and unsure of the tremendous height of the trapeze: "Can you roughly say where you would fall off? Or can I stay here like this? ", He asks Lisa.
Lisa calls her acrobatics a "flirtation with weightlessness", she already got a gold medal at the European Youth Circus-Festival 2012. This year already the 12th season of "Das Supertalent" has started. What became of the "old" candidates, read here.
In 14 episodes, the most diverse artists present their skills on the big stage and fight to become "Das Supertalent 2018". From fascinating acrobatics and captivating fire shows to magic and comedy and vocal talents. Every talent gets a chance. Find out who this season is here.
Jury and ModerationThe jury consists of Sylvie Meis, Bruce Darnell and Dieter Bohlen. "Das Supertalent" always runs on Saturday evening at 8.15 pm. Recorded are the shows in Berlin and Bremen.
Also this year the show series will be moderated by Daniel Hartwich. He accompanies the candidates backstage, feverish with them and is close at hand when dreams come true or burst.
How the buzzers workThe extraordinary performances are judged by the three-headed supertalent jury. By pressing the green buzzer, the juror shows that he likes the performance.
If an appearance does not please, the jury can show this with the help of the red buzzer. With two red buzzers the dream of the super talent is dreamed out for the candidate.
With the "Golden Buzzer" each juror has the opportunity during the course of the individual casting broadcasts to overrule his fellow jurors and to promote a candidate directly to the final.
Each jury member has twice the opportunity, so in this way six finalists per season are chosen. Decision-making show and final The applicants, who convince the jury in the castings, receive a "star medal" and thus the chance again in a decision-making show before the finals to compete.
In the big live finals, 12 candidates compete against each other. In the finals, the spectators alone decide with their telephone calls who deserves the title "Supertalent 2018" and thus the € 100,000 prize money. (Mg)


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