supporters see red, Naciri waves the white flag

Kiosk 360. After Wydad’s recent bad season, club supporters are coming back to demand accountability from President Said Naciri. The latter proposed an overhaul of the organization of management, but will have to show persuasion in the face of his detractors.

Wydad is not doing well and its president Said Naciri is in the crosshairs of supporters associations. The Winners get impatient and demand a major overhaul of the team, informs the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia from this Monday, November 2. To absorb the anger of the supporters, the management of the club split a press release to announce the opening of memberships and the restructuring of the organization chart of the governing bodies.

This project does not seem to have the grace of several associations of supporters of the Reds. The latter demanded from Naciri to be transparent about the club’s sports society, as well as the appointment of a new committee and the appointment of directors of the various sports sections, explains the daily. Al Ahdath.

The collective of supporters’ associations has launched a call for skills from all sides to participate in the club’s new sports project with the aim of ensuring the new transition and announces its intention to closely monitor the application of law 09-30 which will give birth to the club’s new sports society.

The said collective was surprised by Naciri’s call for involving supporters’ associations in his new project, while he remained sole master on board when the club won titles.

More radical, the ultras Winners rejected en bloc the outstretched hand of Naciri and demanded his resignation. They criticize him in particular for the leaden cover that envelops the signing of contracts of new recruits, and the lack of transparency in the management of Wydad, specifies Al Ahdath.