Surface as a anger drain: NFL plans penalties for violence against tablets

After Surface tablets were repeatedly destroyed or at least massively abused by NFL players and coaches, the American Football League took action. Anyone who violates one of the Microsoft tablets will have to pay a fine in the future.

According to reports from US sports journalists, the National Football League (NFL) is reacting to the fact that hardware from the sponsor Microsoft has repeatedly been destroyed by players or coaches from various clubs, or at least treated extremely roughly. In a circular, the league threatened all 32 clubs with penalties should such incidents occur again.

The reasons for the NFL crackdown are well documented. Superstar Tom Brady has thrown around a Surface tablet used for planning moves on several occasions. As early as 2019, Bill Belichick, one of the league’s best-known coaches, threw a Surface onto the audience ranks. More recently, the Buffalo Bills’ offensive line coordinator pounded on the Surface tablet he was using when his team lost to the Miami Dolphins.

NFL reacts thin-skinned, Microsoft’s hardware boss laughs

According to the NFL statement, all teams in the league now face a “severe penalty” if one of their members is proven to have destroyed a Surface tablet through intentional violence. The threat of punishment applies to the Surface tablets as well as to all other devices made available to the teams by the league. Microsoft has had contracts with the NFL since 2014, under which the company distributes multiple generations of Surface tablets to all teams. The devices are used during the games, among other things to plan moves or to have the players informed by coaches.

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Anyone who now thinks that Redmond has a big problem with the fact that the tablets produced by Microsoft “get something” from time to time may be wrong. Windows and hardware boss Panos Panay recently explained, referring to Tom Brady’s last freak out, that the Surface device should probably have survived the attack unscathed – paired with smiley emoji.

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