Surface Pro X: The best repairable Surface Series device


The iFixit engineers looked at the new Surface Pro X and disassembled it. It should be able to disassemble much better than all Surface Tablets before him, including the Surface Pro 5, the identical successor Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go. Overall, the team awards a repair score of six out of ten points. For comparison, the Surface Laptop 3 had received five out of ten points. The Surface Pro 5 and Go get only one out of ten points.

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Directly noticeable is the easily removable flap, under which the Nvme SSD of the Surface Pro X (Hands-on) is installed. It can be easily opened with a pointed object. Also, the SSD identical to the Surface Laptop 3 is only screwed on and can be extended at any time. However, to get to the rest of the hardware, a little more work is needed.

For all repairs, the display must be separated from the front of the lower housing shell. This is – as with many other tablets too – stuck instead of screwed. However, iFixit has the advantage that it does not need to be heated before removing it.

Under the touch panel, all components are protected with thin aluminum lids. They must be removed beforehand. The motherboard, the cameras and even the Surface Dock connector are fastened with traditional Torx screws and can be easily detached from the housing. On the motherboard, the SQ1 processor from Qualcomm is soldered. This also applies to the DDR4 memory, which therefore can not be extended.

As with the Surface Laptop 3, the 38.2-watt-hour battery is firmly attached to the housing and therefore can not be easily replaced. Nevertheless, some wearing parts such as the display and the magnetic surface port are easily interchangeable – a big step compared to its predecessors.


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