Surfing returns to Australia’s beaches

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The bondi beach, in eastern Sydney and one of the best known of Australia, will reopen for water sports next Tuesday after being closed to the public for more than a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, official sources confirmed on Wednesday.

“We have announced water access for surfing and swimming in the ocean through strictly guarded runners on the sand. There will be no access to the sand or to any land activity, ”the Waverley district press office, where the beach is located, said in an email sent.

The partial reopening of Bondi, as well as the neighboring beaches of Bronte and Tamarama, will take place on April 28 between 7 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon only for water sports, which excludes walking or jogging in its banks, as well as sunbathing or sitting on the sand.

Australian authorities ordered Bondi to close on March 21 after thousands of bathers went to tan there despite the restriction and physical distancing measures then in place by COVID-19. Health workers attribute the aforementioned agglomeration in Bondi part of the spread of the virus among young people.



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