Surprise at sea: “yellow brick road” found at 3,000 meters deep

Members of the Nautilus Ocean Expedition were stunned by something they found 3,000 meters underground in Hawaii. When exploring the Liliʻuokalani underwater mountain range, the researchers came across something that looked like the yellow brick road portrayed in “The Wizard of Oz”. Could they be the ruins of some lost sunken city?

“Road to Atlantis”

A video shows the divers’ surprise when they made the discovery. “It’s the way to Atlantis,” says a researcher over the radio. “Is it the yellow brick road?” ask someone else. “This is bizarre,” added another team member.

In fact, the “road” is not the fruit of human hands, but a natural phenomenon resulting from ancient volcanic geology. According to the researchers, what looks like a piece of dry lake bed are volcanic deposits known as hyaloclastites. This type of rock, formed by lava fragmentation, is found where high-energy eruptions dump debris on the seafloor.

But why do the hyaloclastites found by the expedition resemble a yellow brick road? “The peculiar 90-degree angle fractures are probably related to to the heating and cooling stress resulting from multiple eruptions on this shore,” the scientists said.