Called it a good news to end the year When a famous singer “Max Jane Mana“Post a picture of his son’s debut for the first time on Instagram My name is clear, age 2, stating that …

Yesterday, my 30th birthday was a shocking number. I believe that many people will feel the same as the days of stepping from number 1 to number 2 and number 3. It feels like a warp over a decade. Time flies really fast.

For me, I think this year should be a good time to try something new. Let me give permission to use this area. (Where everyone should know me already) Introduce the most important person in my life to the boy clearly.

This Little Tee brought light into my life. It gave me the strength to write a book and complete the last album. If I were to give credit to someone, I would have had to give it to my wife and son who had always been by my side.

My family and I are quite possessive of my space. Especially in social matters, I would be very serious. Post things each time, keep thinking, do it until you have a headache. But now I want to give up my fear. And dare to live more I just came to realize that since my main career was storytelling. I should have the courage to share the most sensitive parts. Which should be the first goal that will bring us closer together And I hope that your relationship with me will be more special. Hopefully when you listen to my song, it will mean more. Hopefully you can feel more about what I write. And I hope everything in my work will be more ‘clear’ to you.

We wish everyone to believe that 2020 will be the year of possibility. May everyone have more freedom to live, Call me daddy, literally.

P.S. Mae Fon taken

Thank you picture from: Instagram @maxjenmana

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