Surprising developments in the case of “Basant”, the victim of blackmail.. Her sister tried to commit suicide in the same way for this reason! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The incident of the girl “Basant”, a victim of electronic blackmail in Egypt, witnessed new, surprising developments. The victim’s sister, Naira Shalaby, also tried to commit suicide in the same way as her sister, by eating a poisonous grain, due to ridicule, bullying and skirmishes with the accused’s families.

Yesterday, Thursday, the security services received a report stating that Naira Khaled Shalaby, 17, a second-year secondary school student, was trying to get rid of her life by taking a “toxic yield pill” after she went through a severe psychological crisis and entered a state of depression, after verbally sparring between her and a number of the accused’s families in the case of her sister in the governorate. Western, according to the seventh day.

After the girl took the poisonous grain, the Shalabi family transferred the girl to Tanta University Hospital and treated her. Doctors were able to save her, while fate wanted the girl and saved the girl from death due to the corruption of the deadly grain and her exposure to moisture.

For his part, Basant’s lawyer revealed the details of what the victim’s naughty had been exposed to, explaining that while the girl, “Naira” was in one of the village streets in order to buy “food,” a verbal exchange occurred between her and some of the accused’s women’s families, as one of them told her, “Your sister has 80 A picture spread in the village,” which angered and resented the sister, and prompted her to respond and friction.