Surprisingly, what was Meghan Markle’s first impression of Princess Catherine

Yesterday was four years that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, after which the newlyweds interviewed the BBC. Hello! The magazine just recalled this conversation, as what Meghan said was especially interesting Princess Catherinein light of the current relationship between the two princely wives.

Because let’s face it, Catherine and Meghan aren’t girlfriends right now, but from the interview, it looks like Harry’s future wife had a completely different opinion of her future sister-in-law than she does now. A BBC journalist asked the prince about the details of how he presented his love to William and Catherine, who reported in full detail on the process:

“It was very exciting because I met Meghan for a while without telling anyone about it. But then Vilmos really wanted to get to know him, as did Katalin, and since we are neighbors, we have been able to put together quite a few meetings and Katalin is absolutely… ”

“Catherine is fantastic” Meghan finished the sentence.

It’s a shame that the initial sympathy didn’t stay, mainly because we know that the chances of even having best friends at first impressions were plentiful.

Got what happened to the royal family these days?



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