surreal. This tiny house is the size of a parking space (and costs €650 per month) – NiT

surreal. This tiny house is the size of a parking space (and costs €650 per month)

YouTuber Caleb Simpson made a video with the smallest apartment in Manhattan. It’s only seven square meters.

We all know that house rents are at exorbitant prices, whether in Lisbon or in any other big city in the world, like New York. Worse than spending your entire salary on rent is paying dearly for a house the size of a parking lot. This is the case of Alaina Randazzo, who rents a nano apartment in Manhattan, which has gone viral on the Internet precisely because it is so small.

YouTuber Caleb Simpson took his camera to film the house rented by Alaina, a New Yorker who traded a luxury apartment for a tiny one to save some money. “Today we visited the smallest apartment in New York. It’s seven square meters, the size of a parking space,” says the YouTube personality. Since it was published on September 13, the approximately six-minute video has accumulated more than 1.5 million views.

At €650 per month, the apartment is considered cheap given the location, but you can’t really say it’s a house: it doesn’t have a bathroom or oven. Alaina Randazzo, who works in the fashion field, is content with a tiny sink with a faucet inside her space and shares the shower and toilet with other tenants in the building. The bathroom is in the hallway and is used by everyone.

The space is so small that it “looks like a closet”. The first thing Randazzo sees when he opens the apartment door is the kitchen. However, calling it a kitchen is perhaps an exaggeration: it is a micro countertop with a stove with two burners and a sink. Underneath is a mini fridge and a small closet. It’s where you keep your food, but also your makeup.

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Over the stove, there is a microwave and two more small cupboards. Alaina even kept food there, but stopped doing so when she realized that she shares the cramped spaces with rats. Despite the limitations, the tenant told Simpson that she can cook, but all the ingredients she buys have to be fresh because she has nowhere to store them.

The kitchen is in the living room, which consists of a small sofa bed, which faces a TV on the wall. Whenever she has visitors, the New York woman says that she buys a more comfortable mattress and then ends up returning it because it takes up too much space in the apartment.

“You can almost reach out and wash your hands in the living room if you want to,” Simpson commented as he sat on the couch. As with food, the tenant barely has space to store her clothes and accessories. Shoes have to be in the hallway, outside the apartment. The bed is high and only a few inches from the ceiling, so one of her biggest worries is bumping her head when she gets up.

Despite being forced to use a communal bathroom, she says she has never felt unsafe. “Maybe because I know all my neighbors. I feel like I can just go out in a towel or a robe and it doesn’t matter because we’re all so close,” she explained. Randazzo keeps all her toiletries in the bathroom that she shares with her neighbors, “no problem”.

As she works from home three times a week, she uses the building’s terrace when the weather is nice: “I get a little claustrophobic sometimes, so it’s good to go upstairs to relax, read, write and practice yoga”, she says.

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You found the apartment rental ad on the StreetEasy platform and the lease is short: just six months. The idea is to save money during this period and then return to Los Angeles, where he lived before moving to New York. “I ended up finding a place that I thought would be nice and convenient. I can travel and not have to worry about income,” she explained.

Although he has given up a large luxury apartment, he confesses that he prefers to live in the tiny space. “People need a lot less than they think,” she said. Even so, he is not thinking of renewing the contract, considering that it was just “a fun experience to see what it’s like to live in New York”.

As NiT already had reportedprices for renting a house in Manhattan are increasingly absurd. The average monthly value to rent an apartment in the most famous and visited neighborhood of New York reached 5 thousand euros. This average price, the highest ever recorded in the city, represents an increase of 29 percent compared to last year.

According to Jonathan Miller, of the consulting firm Miller Samuel, this rise is due to the increase in mortgage rates, which “pulled people into the rental market”. Part of the problem is the limited supply of homes available for rent in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the United States, but which is only about 60 square kilometers.

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It only has 7 square meters.