Surrounded by Russian Army, Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Troops Finally Surrender

Monday, 20 June 2022 – 10:45 WIB

VIVA – After more than two weeks of war in Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast (Province) of Ukraine, pro-Russian rebel forces, the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) have successfully laid siege to the Metiolkine region.

Reported VIVA Military from Russian News Agency, TASSthe rebel forces of the Luhansk People’s Republic were reportedly able to encircle the Ukrainian military units of the 24th Regional Defense Battalion of the Ukrainian Army (Aidar Battalion).

Not only containing organic troops, the unit is also said to consist of a number of Ukrainian mercenaries.

The surrender of the soldiers of the Aidar Battalion has cleared the pace of the Russian Federation Armed Forces (VSRF) troops and the LPR rebels, to advance to Severodonetsk.

VIVA Military: Neo-Nazi Troops of the Ukrainian Army Aidar Battalion

“Currently, the information obtained from members of the Aidar (Battalion) who surrendered in Metiolkine is used to negotiate with the militias,” said the official statement from the Luhansk People’s Republic, who remained anonymous.

Troops from the Aidar Battalion had previously fought hard at the Azot chemical plant, located in Severodonetsk.

After the siege, LPR troops had time to negotiate with the Aidar Battalion on Sunday 19 June 2022. Unfortunately, the negotiations reached a dead end.

The stalled negotiation process was allegedly due to provocations from foreign mercenaries, who were in the Aidar Battalion unit.

VIVA Military: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Troops

VIVA Military: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Troops

“Negotiations with Ukrainian forces at the Azot factory have so far been unsuccessful. They did not start to come out and surrender. However, the process of talks is continuing,” the LPR officer said.

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“They (foreign mercenaries) are blocking the negotiation process. So, we are still waiting,” he said.

On Saturday 18 June 2022, the LPR rebel forces declared that the Aidar Battalion including its commander had surrendered. This news has also been confirmed by the LPR delegate to Russia, Rodion Miroshnik.