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Survey: what did readers think about the new destination chosen by “Pulguita” Rodríguez

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After so many twists and turns, Luis Miguel Rodríguez finally decided to play in Gymnastics. “Pulguita” arrived in La Plata on Sunday afternoon to meet with the leaders of his new club, and yesterday after passing the medical examination he signed his bond for 18 months, thus becoming the third reinforcement of the team led by the duo Leandro Martini- Mariano Messera.

Following the player’s decision, LA GACETA conducted a survey for our readers to comment on the subject. “Is the new destination chosen by the striker okay?” Was the question asked of the participants.

By a large majority, 62% of the voters favored the option “it is in their right to choose what they think is best, but they should have been clearer in their actions.” This is due to the fluctuations of the footballer regarding the place where he was going to play, they generated a lot of discomfort in both Santa Fe and Tucumán.

In second place and with 20% of the votes, the option was “okay, because he should have prioritized his well-being”; further back, with 9% and 8% they were located “I would have liked to see him, again, in the” Dean “and” the leadership of Atlético had to make a better offer. “

The truth is that in the next championship, the new acquisition of the Lobo platense will wear the number 10 shirt, the same one that he wore in the Sabalero. Deans fans will have to keep waiting, at least a little while longer.


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