Survivor – Do you know the name of the sequel?

It’s no longer a secret that Respawn is working on a sequel Star Wars Jedi is working. However, the sequel could do without a numerical designation.

So should the title Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are, as the well-known insider Jeff Grubb mentions in his current podcast, but without going into detail. In it, Grubb said:

“Star Wars Jedi: Survivor… you got it. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Well done. That’s the name.”

This is of course anything but official, since EA or Respawn have not even officially presented the game. The presumed premiere for Star Wars Day on May 4th did not materialize either, so that everyone is now looking to the Summer Game Fest.

Since EA isn’t holding its own EA Play Showcase this year, it’s expected that the publisher will use the other shows to reveal or showcase its upcoming games.

The new Star Wars Jedi apparently only appears for PS5, Xbox Series and PC, as recently reported, because you finally want to exploit the full potential of the hardware. That should also be the reason why the title should not appear before 2023.

“Star Wars Jedi 2 will only be released for the new generation, so PS5, Xbox Series X/S and then of course the PC,” says Grubb. “One of the reasons they’ll be able to do that is because it won’t come out until 2023. Now this game will definitely not come out until 2023.”

More details about Star Wars Jedi: Survivorif the game is actually called that, are expected in the next few weeks.