Survivor Mexico: This celebrity was also in Big Brother and you probably didn’t know it

One of the biggest bets of TV Azteca is the contest of Survivor Mexicothe successful reality of survival that the chain presented in 2020 but now, two years later, celebrates the third installment with more controversy and discussions than before.

This competition is made up of two groups of participants from different scenes where elements that previously collaborated in different spaces stand out, such is the case of a famous of the second edition that appeared in Big Brotherone that was also about to win.

Survivor Mexico participant who was Big Brother

It was in 2021 when Luis Sánchez, better known as ‘Sergeant Rap’began its execution in Survivor Mexico as a member of the Jaguares tribe, the yellow line he once led before changing his skin to become a Falcon.

In those battles it was that the singer raised his level of acceptance and gained dozens of followers, however, what very few know is that before entering the adventure, the interpreter managed to intervene and advance to the culminating phase of the last season of Big Brother.

And it is that ‘Sergeant Rap’one of the best competitors of Survivor Mexico 2inhabited the contest house in 2015, but, in addition, his execution in it and his charisma with the public gave him a place in the final along with Danielle and Eduardo Miranda ‘Chile’, who was the winner.

‘Sergeant Rap’ at Survivor Mexico

Although the interpreter did not achieve his goal of conquering the first place in Big BrotherYears later another door was opened for him but now with TV Azteca, the network that included him in the Jaguares team where he also remained until one of the last stages.

Survivor Mexico on IG

already in Survivor MexicoRap Sergeant he spearheaded strategies and led his squad in challenges that on more than one occasion gave him victory; however, after changing tribes and reaching the merger, the singer was eliminated in week 18 of the show.