Survivor, the island of celebrities: this is how the new tribes were

This Thursday, March 9, the tribes defined their leaders in Survivor, the island of celebrities. By Amazonas Aco was left, from Koi Catherine London and of Spartans, Eleider Alvarez. However, Tatan Mejia confirmed that a group will disappear in the competition, therefore, there can only be two leaders.

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Between the three they defined that the beach of the Espartos will disappear, while the other two will continue standing. Now there was another change. Catalina passed to the tribe Amazon, and now Eleider He is the leader of the Koi.

Now, with this change the tribes are as follows:

Koi: Paola Usme, Wilder Medina, Eleider, Juan del Mar, Federico, Lina

Mazonas: Leo Cook, Catalina, Aco, The Magician, Margarita Reyes, Juan Palau, Tania, Catherine.

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Furthermore, from now on the leaders will take three coins by every time they earn this position. It should be noted that these can only be used per person and after unification.

All this happens after the Elimination of Diana Gil, from Los Espartos. Who until the end stayed together, but by decisions of the program they will no longer exist.