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Susanna Reid and Steve Parish: GMB presenter chuckles while Piers talks about MARRIAGE

The 47-year-old brunette beauty took her usual approach to rising above Piers Morgan's jokes as he addressed the news of her new romance.

Susanna Reid and Steve Parish are confirmed to have gone over the summer after Good Morning Britain's favorite with the 53-year-old Crystal Palace chairman.

On the program this morning, joked Piers, 53: "So many interesting things I had to catch up.

"This story has confused me a bit. You've found someone who is 53 years old, yes, I'm 53 years old, born in 1965, I was born in 1965, was previously married, and ticked off children, another box, "he continued.

"Did you think I fell in love with you?" Said Susanna Reid, laughing.

"Good-looking, wealthy, successful, great passion for the London football club …" he continued. "I've read it all and thought, God, she came out!"

Susanna could not suppress her amusement about the idea and giggled: "I went to the public with my passion for you."

Piers later became serious for a brief moment before joking about his "marriage" with his co-star.

"We are all very happy for you," he said, adding, "We are now three in this marriage."

Yesterday, a representative from Steve confirmed the news that he connects Susanna with Express.co.uk.

According to The Sun, the two had a number of appointments since the summer, after meeting a few years ago.

The couple reportedly went on cinemas and dinners and visited Selhurst Park to cheer for the Crystal Palace.

"Susanna and Steve are all out," said one source of the release. "It's very early, but they are fun.

"Over the summer, they hung around more and collapsed."

The insider said the couple has "real chemistry" and their common love for the eagles.

In early August, they were seen together playing Crystal Palace against Fulham.

They were later seen at a star-studded charity event by Hamilton.

Susanna separated in 2016 from her 16-year-old husband Dominic Cotton.

She shares three teenage sons with her ex, while Steve has two daughters from a previous relationship.

Good Morning Britain sends ITV at 6:30 am on weekdays.


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