Sushiro Izakaya “Sugitama” is coming to Hong Kong!Site selection Wanchai to open this summer

Sushiro Izakaya “Sugitama” is coming to Hong Kong!Site selection Wanchai to open this summer

Sushiro Izakaya “Sugitama SUGIDAMA” is coming to Hong Kong! FOOD & LIFE Companies, the parent company of Sushiro in Hong Kong, recently announced that its “Sushiro Izakaya Sugidama” will be launched in Hong Kong for the first time this summer, and will open the world’s first overseas branch in Wanchai District.

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Sushiro Izakaya “Sugitama SUGIDAMA” Lands in Hong Kong becomeFirst branch overseas

Sushiro Izakaya Sugidama SUGIDAMA is a brand established in 2017 by the Japanese food group FOOD & LIFE Companies. The brand name comes from the important symbol of Japanese traditional winemaking culture – “Sugidama”. A round sphere made of freshly picked cedar branches and leaves, called cedar jade. When the turquoise sugidama gradually turns brown, it means that the brewed sake has matured.

壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業

The restaurant has added a lot of innovative and playful elements as a whole, hoping to present a different Japanese izakaya food culture. For example, in the interior decoration, bright lighting and vibrant, and local characteristics of the illustration design are used for the layout.

No opening date yet but expectedOpening this summer

What’s more interesting is that most traditional Japanese izakaya are places for office workers to relax, but Sushiro Izakaya Sugidama hopes to subvert the public’s inherent image of izakaya and become a meeting place suitable for different audiences, whether it is men’s evening drinks, Dates for young couples or sweet couples, holiday gatherings for best friends and family gatherings can all come to Sushiro Izakaya Sugitama SUGIDAMA. The brand has not yet confirmed the opening date, but it is only tentatively scheduled to open in summer. I wonder if it will cause a queuing upsurge after the opening?

壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業

The exterior of the Japanese flagship store of Sushiro Izakaya Sugidama SUGIDAMA.

壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業壽司郎居酒屋「杉玉」將登陸香港!選址灣仔 今夏開業

How can an izakaya not have sake? I believe that Sushiro Izakaya Sugidama SUGIDAMA will have a large supply of different brands of sake.

Opening address: Wan Chai District

Expected opening date: Summer 2022

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