Suspect stabbing in train Herzogenrath admitted to clinic

The man who stabbed five people on a train in the German town of Herzogenrath yesterday has been taken to a psychiatric clinic for examination. There is no indication of a terrorist motive. For the time being, a psychosis is more likely, says the German Public Prosecution Service.

The suspect is a 31-year-old Iraqi who came to Germany as a refugee in 2015. In 2017, he was in the picture with security services, because he increasingly isolated himself and started wearing a long beard. Since then, there have been no indications that he intended harm.

Yesterday, on a train between Düsseldorf and Aachen, he suddenly jumped up to open a door. When that failed, he punched a fellow traveler in the face, took out a knife and stabbed five people. He was then overpowered and disarmed by an officer and other passengers.

The man is charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. The condition of the five injured has not been released, but it was said yesterday that they are not in a life-threatening condition.