Suspected fire devil in custody –

Successful search for the police in Offenbach: the officials caught a suspected fire devil shortly after the crime in Obertshausen – the 45-year-old homeless man is in custody.

It must now be checked whether the man is also responsible for the series of fires in the Offenbach district in the past week.

Two fires in Obertshausen

According to the police, the man ignited in a forest near Obertshausen at the weekend, pedestrians observed it around 5 p.m. on Saturday and called the police. The 45-year-old was able to escape and reappeared shortly afterwards – around 7 p.m. – on the A3 near Obertshausen.

Fire directly at the A3

According to the police, he torched a 20 square meter wide green strip, which was also observed by witnesses. The police caught the man known to the police shortly thereafter, near the scene of the crime.

Investigations into further series of fires

In a series of fires last week in Hainburg, Seligenstadt, Dietzenbach and Heusenstamm, there were a total of 13 fires – whether there is a connection is now being determined, said a police spokesman in the FFH interview.

Fire devil suspected in other fires

On June 19, there were nine fires between Dietzenbach and Heusenstamm near the Patershausen estate. At the time, a police officer in charge said it looked as if someone had cycled along there with a petrol can and had repeatedly ignited new fires. Plant waste at the Seligenstadt building yard, the wood store in a garden area and a piece of forest near Hainstadt also burned.

Police are looking for important witnesses

Police are asking for the public’s help to clear up the blaze. According to the police, a couple with a dog may be important here. In the first case in Obersthausen, on Saturday around 5 p.m., a young couple with a small dog that was out in the woods could provide important information, the police hope and ask that the couple contact the police in Offenbach.