Suspicious migraines: Canada repatriates the families of its diplomats in Cuba

Suspicious migraines: Canada repatriates the families of its diplomats in Cuba

Ottawa – Canada has decided to repatriate the families of its diplomats stationed in Cuba following heavy migraines and other unusual symptoms observed last year, announced Monday the government of Justin Trudeau whose investigation continues.

The United States, including 24 diplomats posted in Havana suffered similar discomfort, had recalled in late September more than half of the staff of their embassy in Havana and all families of diplomats. On the Canadian side, ten people were victims of such discomforts between spring and autumn 2017, such as ” dizziness, headache and lack of ability to concentrate “, the Canadian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. ” The cause remains unknown but could be the result of human actions “, said Canadian diplomacy, without advancing tracks but praising the” Positive and constructive relationship with Cuba “. ” Due to this uncertainty (…) Canadian diplomats posted in Cuba will not be accompanied by family members “and arrangements will be made” in the next weeks “in order to organize the repatriation of the diplomatic families that are currently there,” he said. ” Some delays “In the treatment of consular affairs in Havana are therefore expected in the coming days, warned Canada. The US and Canadian governments acknowledged last August that some of their diplomats in Havana complained of troubling symptoms, sometimes requiring hospitalization. Washington attributed these symptoms last year to the probable use of hearing aids capable of causing brain damage. But Canada now judges ” unlikely “such a scenario, according to a government source. Canadian and American doctors who have examined their compatriots affected by these discomforts rather evoke ” a new probable type of acquired brain injury “, said Ottawa who” continues to investigate “. According to the Canadian government, no new symptoms have been reported since the beginning of autumn 2017. ” Families of Diplomats Returning to Canada Still Experiencing Symptoms “, he noted. ” In some cases, these symptoms appeared diminished in intensity before reappearing “, said Canadian diplomacy. Following this case, the Canadian government led an environmental assessment “of its diplomatic premises of the Cuban capital, including tests of air quality and water.The results in March did not identify” anything that could indicate a cause “said Ottawa. According to the Canadian government, ” nothing indicates that Canadian travelers to Cuba “run a” risk “while the United States calls on US nationals to avoid traveling to the Caribbean island because of these” targeted attacks “. Without knowing the author or authors, the United States hold the Cuban authorities responsible, at least because they have not been able to guarantee the safety of diplomats. Havana formally denies any involvement.

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