Sutiyoso Warns Chinese Foreign Workers to Colonize Indonesia, Rocky Gerung: Potentially Leads to World War III

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Political observer Rocky Gerung also opened his voice regarding the statement by former Head of the Intelligence Agency (BIN) Lieutenant General (Ret.) Sutiyoso who warned that Indonesia would be colonized by foreign workers (TKA) from China.

Rocky Gerung said that the warning of Chinese foreign workers to colonize Indonesia was not only spoken by Sutiyoso, but also by a number of other figures, such as former TNI Commander General (Ret.) Gatot Nurmantyo and Economist Faisal Basri.

According to Rocky Gerung, the criticism leveled at Sutiyoso regarding his statement about Chinese foreign workers was an attempt of exploitation.

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“It seems that this issue is only being exploited, that these people are racist, racial and ethnic groups of all kinds,” said Rocky Gerung.

Rocky Gerung saw that the warnings of Sutiyoso, Gatot Nurmantyo and Faisal Bari regarding Chinese foreign workers were said based on the context of business competition in the Asia Pacific region.

The former Philosophy Lecturer at the University of Indonesia said that China had an interest in seeking asylum.

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The reason, said Rocky, the conflict between China and the United States (US) and its allies has the potential to cause World War III.