Suzuki is preparing a sporty SUV

The new generation of the Suzuki Swift could arrive next year without completely discarding its current technology and world of design, and thoroughly refining both. For a year later, in 2023, the Suzuki Swift Sport will also be renewed, and there won’t be much change here either, following the recipe for the current powertrain (1.4-liter turbo engine with 48V mild hybrid system).

At the same time, an exciting novelty is emerging from Swift, more specifically Swift Sport: Japan’s Best Car Web magazine believes that Suzuki has come up with the Swift Cross version, which, by its very name, promises to be an elevated clearance, or perhaps more, as there have been examples of this, see Yaris Cross, Corolla Cross, etc.

In principle, the main virtue of the Swift Cross, which arrives in 2024, may be the higher seating position and the resulting easier entry and exit, but the Swift Sport’s drive chain can also make the model dynamic. The tight chassis of the sports version will obviously not be handed over to the Cross, so it will obviously be less fun on winding roads – all the more so when we get to the bumpy stage.

The Swift Cross makes sense if it is between Ignis (3700 mm) and Vitara (4175 mm) in size; With a length of 3890 mm, the current Swift Sport (standard Swift 3840 mm) is exactly where it needs to be, so SUVs can make sense.

With regard to Swace and Across, the question arises as to whether the Swift Cross will not be the relabelled clone of the Toyota Yaris Cross just mentioned? We wouldn’t rule out the possibility, but the thing can only work if they can set the right price for the novelty – on the other hand, if they can save on the cost of developing a brand new model and halve the cost of manufacturing the Yaris Cross, both companies can already afford to spend less. .

Suzuki has not yet confirmed the assumptions.