Suzuki V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 650XT my 2022. New colors – News

Suzuki Italia has published the color versions of the models on its website V-Tree 650 for 2022. The bikes are in fact the same ones that have been updated in the 2021 model year according to homologation Euro 5, identical features, same aesthetics and equipment.

I’m changing the colors, which for the V-Strom 650 (pictured above) are: Blu Montreal, White Cortina (was already there this year) e Nero Dubai. The two previous red and gray based colors disappear.
The price remains unchanged: 8.840 euro ex-dealer.

The V-Tree 650XT adds two colors: Blu Santorini and Nero Dubai both with anodized rims blu. Confirm the colors Yellow Petra and White Cortina, with unchanged graphics and always anodized rims oro.
The gray tint available this year is out.
For all versions the frame and swingarm are painted black.
Even in the case of the XT variant (in the photos below) the price does not change, which is 9.340 euro ex-dealer.

The bikes can already be booked online and at official dealerships.

The popular engine V2 at 90° at 645 cc, the only one in the current panorama with double shaft eight valves in this class of displacement, it has double ignition and double throttle valve for each power supply unit. Already in this year’s model it has been updated to the Euro 5 emissions standard thanks to various calibration interventions and the exhaust system.

Compared to the 2020 model, the intake camshafts have changed, while the exhaust ones derive from the road SV 650. The maximum power is declared in 70,7 cavalli (as for the Euro 4 model), at 8,800 rpm, with the maximum torque still at 62 Nm but at 6,300 giri.

There are the devices Easy Start System e Low RPM Assist, which simplify starts and departures. The traction control it can be adjusted to two degrees of intervention and can be disconnected.

The chassis, based on double beam frame in aluminum alloy – another rarity among the medium displacements – is confirmed in full, with the wheels 19 and 17 inches which are integral to the standard and spoked version on the XT.

The aesthetics are also identical and the standard equipment does not change the mixed analogue-digital instrumentation (a 12 V socket is nearby), the transparent windshield (height-adjustable in three positions) and the luggage rack.

The declared weights are 213 kg in running order for the V-Strom 650 and 216 kg for the XT, the saddles are a 835 mm from the earth.