The murdered Suzy Lamplugh's brother has said he hopes a new search for her remains will allow the family to finally put their loved ones to rest.

Ms. Lamplugh was pronounced dead, allegedly murdered after missing her in 1986 at the age of 25 after leaving her West London office to meet a mysterious client known only as Mr. Kipper.

The Metropolitan Police are conducting a search in a house in Birmingham that previously belonged to the mother of a convicted murderer and prime suspect in the John Cannan case.

Richard Lamplugh said he hoped her body would be found on the property in Sutton Coldfield, so that the family could take a "real leave".

A police officer is seen in a forensic suit before jumping in the alley by the side and behind the address in Sutton Coldfield (AFP/ Getty Images)

Insurance broker Phillip Carey said he bought the house on Shipton Road in 1992 from Sheila Cannan.

"In our view, we bought the house 26 years ago from the mother of the suspect Sheila," said the 52-year-old. "We knew who she was, we realized who she was when we went through the relationship, and obviously it was well known then."

When asked if he was frustrated when the police returned to the estate years later to continue the investigation, Mr. Carey said, "There is an element of frustration."

Forensic activity on Tuesday was concentrated in the back of the garden on the site of a disassembled garage built on a concrete pedestal.

young lady Lamplugh Car was parked on a street in Fulham (PA)

It was not the first time that the police had been in the family home, said the father of two, about 15 years ago officials visited the garden a few months ago.

Jim Dickie, the detective superintendent who oversaw the investigation between 2000 and 2006, confirmed that his police officers were not conducting "extensive" searches.

"We had no evidence or information that made us believe that John Cannan could have hidden Suzy's body there," he told the BBC.

On-site specialists for forensics of the private company Alecto arrived, who were equipped with equipment all morning.

The police search the garden of a property that formerly belonged to the mother of the main suspect John Cannan (PA)

What sounded like an angle grinder was used in the garden, and dust drifted across the adjoining lane. A blue tent was built behind it, where the garage was behind doors that led to the rear building.

The Met, which is supported by police officers in the West Midlands, stressed that the current residents of the property are in no way related to the investigation.

Cannan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping and murdering Shirly Banks, Bristol, in 1989, was named the main suspect by the police in 2002.

On the day they disappeared, witnesses reported that Miss Lamplugh had been arguing with a man outside a property on Shorrolds Road in Fulham.

Suzy Lamplugh was missing in 1986 and declared dead in 1994

Three days earlier, Cannan had been released from a hostel at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, where he had served a six-year prison sentence for rape.

He bore a strong resemblance to the kidnapper's E-Fit and reportedly was called a dumpster when serving his previous sentence.

In 2002, it was reported that Cannan had buried Miss Lamplugh's body under his mother's terrace in the West Midlands.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said at the time that the theory was "something we are currently considering," but did not confirm that reports had dug up the garden in the coming days.

Diana and Paul Lamplugh, the parents of Suzy Lamplugh which was missing in 1986, 1993 in his garden in London (PA)

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the troupe refused to comment on why the dig was scheduled to take place and mentioned the sensitivity of the operation, but a statement said it followed up on "received information" from the investigation.

No one was convicted of the death of Ms Lamplugh, and she was considered dead in 1994.

It is not the first page dug in the search for its remains. The police dug twice in Worcestershire, first in 2000 near the Norton Barracks and then in 2010 on a meadow several miles away.

Suzy LamplughThe diary showed that she had an appointment at 12:45 (PA) with & # 39; Mr. Tipper & # 39; would have.

Cannan, now 64, was questioned several times about the murder and denied the claim.

The parents of Miss Lamplugh, Paul and Diana, founded the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to help victims of stalking. Both died before their daughter's murderer was brought to justice.

The trust said that the latest development was a reminder of the "ongoing tragedy," adding, "The thoughts of everyone at Suzy Lamplugh Trust are with Suzy's family today.

Cannan has been sentenced to at least 35 years in prison, which means he can be considered for parole from 2024 onwards.

But Lord Chief Justice, Lord Lane, said he "probably never gets to safety."

Mr. Carey said the latest search was a "surreal" experience and added, "Either (the property) is completely excluded from it or, if found, the closure of the family, and this tragic story can come to an end."



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