SV Solvay Freiburg keeps the mini-chance in the promotion race – Breisgau district league


SV Solvay Freiburg has extended its winning streak: Jamal El Haddouchi’s side beat Heitersheim, third in the table, 3-0 and are unbeaten in eleven games.

The demolition of the game
FC Heitersheim dominated the game in the early stages. In the 16th minute, captain Dominik Völkel passed Julian Kaufman on the left, who pushed into the penalty area and passed the struggling Solvay defender Patric Grödel. Guest goalkeeper Tim Kodric saved his team from falling behind. Gradually, Freiburg got into the game and were unlucky in the 23rd minute when Dominik Sandor, staged by Lukas Metzinger, flicked the ball past the goal. In the 44th minute, Ousman Drame gave the visitors another chance; Luke Metzinger.

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