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Svetlana Loboda was forced to cancel concerts because of the organizer of the tour who disappeared with money.

00:06, 04/26/2019

The singer was ready to perform for free, but the scammer did not pay for concert venues.

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In recent days, Svetlana Loboda has toured with concerts in the Baltic States. The singer has already performed in Estonia and Latvia and was pleased with the warm welcome that the locals have shown her. Unfortunately, today it turned out that she would not receive money for her speeches. “Dear friends, I have not very good news for you today. As you know, the last days we were on a tour of the Baltic States, we had 2 concerts in Riga and Tallinn, both cities greeted us with full house and we were happy to sing for you. Nobody guessed that these concerts me and my team worked absolutely free, because the organizer, at the time of our arrival in Latvia, simply disappeared with money, ”the singer complained in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the authors here and later given without change. – Note ed.).

Speech by Svetlana Loboda in Tallinn

Loboda told that she was ready to sing for free, but the organizer not only disappeared with all the money, but did not pay for the concert stages. “We made a decision to perform at all venues designated on the tour, because for me the most important thing is to sing for my audience. But today, having arrived in Vilnius, we found that we cannot go on stage, because there is simply no scene. The organizer did not pay for the site, neither light nor sound. We have no technical rider, without which a concert is impossible. I was ready to go out and sing for you without equipment, but the city administration did not allow us to hold such an event, ”the singer noted with bitterness.

Svetlana Loboda was forced to cancel concerts because of the organizer of the tour who disappeared with money.

Due to the prevailing circumstances, Loboda was forced to cancel the remaining concerts in Lithuania. As for Kaliningrad, his singer is trying to save everything. “For my part, I guarantee that we will make every effort so that the organizer of the concerts carries criminal punishment,” the singer promised. "Well, freaks … their karma will comprehend," "What a horror … there are such people. I hope everything will be fine, ”“ How unpleasant it is to realize that there are such people! But for your sake, we are ready to wait as long as necessary "," What a nightmare, I thought now there is no such thing "," This is just a terrible person! but we are waiting for you always and everywhere, ”Loboda fans reacted emotionally.

Recall that in early March, Svetlana, together with her team, went on a tour of North America. The singer performed with her show SuperStar in Canada and the United States. She traveled to Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Boston and San Francisco. In addition, as the producer told Svetlana Natella Krapivina, the actress had time to speak at the corporate party. Moreover, Loboda was paid an impressive sum for a small concert – about 400 thousand euros.

Svetlana Loboda

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