SvFF’s board wants to postpone the VAR decision to the future

WAS or not WAS in Swedish football?

The issue is disputed and a large part of the Swedish elite clubs, more specifically 18 out of 32 Sef associations, have member resolutions to oppose the introduction of the system.

Earlier this spring, SvFF announced that the issue had been postponed to SvFF’s representative board meeting, which takes place in November each year. At the association’s annual meeting at the end of March Reinfeldt said a decision must be found “in balance.”

Now SvFF gives a new message. Apparently no decision will be made at the representative board meeting in November. The VAR discussion will be bumped and wetted even more because SvFF’s board has not put forward a proposal.

– The issue is of such weight and weight that we think it is worth more time and thus give the entire football movement the opportunity to discuss the application of VAR, says Swedish Football Association chairman Fredrik Reinfeldt in a statement.

Just Reinfeldt recently opened up that the system may be introduced despite the resistance that exists.

– Several of our big clubs have member resolutions to be against VAR. I say this: I think that in the end it will be very strange if Sweden were to be completely deviant. VAR is in principle in every major European football nation, he said in an interview with Dagens Industri.

In order for the issue to be raised at the representatives’ meeting, a proposal from SvFF’s board or a motion from the football movement is required. The motion time has passed and there is no information on whether VAR motions have been received or not.