SVP congratulates Roland Riz on his 95th birthday

Above all, we wish you good health,” congratulates Chairman Philipp Achammer on behalf of the entire South Tyrolean People’s Party. 95 years ago, on May 12, 1927, Roland Riz was born in Bozen. “And we don’t forget to take this opportunity to thank him again for his courageous and far-sighted commitment to our country.”

Roland Riz – Photo: SVP

Roland Riz is one of the very, very greats of South Tyrol politics, who – not least as a member of the various commissions – has made a valuable contribution to the implementation of our autonomy,” writes Achammer in a press release.

The lawyer began his political career as deputy mayor of the city of Bozen. From 1958 he represented the interests of South Tyrol in the Italian parliament for almost 23 years. “Roland Riz has not only made an indispensable contribution at the political level; He was also successful as a lawyer and as a legal scholar who taught at several universities,” says Achammer.

Winner of the SVP gold

In his eventful life, Roland Riz deservedly received numerous high-ranking political, scientific and social awards, including the Golden SVP Medal of Honor (which has so far only been awarded to the late Silvius Magnago and Alois Mock as well as to Luis Durnwalder).

On his 95th birthday, we renew our appreciative thanks for what he has achieved,” says Philipp Achammer, “and wish him good health from the bottom of our hearts!”




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