Swear. The TGV-TER association calls for more Mouchard-Dole-Dijon connections

The users were numerous to plead a reinforcement of the service.
The users were numerous to plead a reinforcement of the service. (© Voix du Jura)

This Thursday, November 18 in the rosewood room of the gymnasium at 8:30 p.m., the president of TGV TER, Evremonde de Saint Alary was happy to welcome many users of elected officials from the two communities of municipalities, Val d’Amour and heart of the Jura for the 2020 general assembly of the TGV TER association.

“The only achievement after the meeting with the regional director of SNCF is the setting up of the morning train, first tested, then suspended during confinements where activity was impacted. Its return to service to this day makes it possible to arrive in Paris at 8:30 am by taking a TER at 5:48 am from Mouchard with 2 changes ”.

Evremonde de Saint AlaryPresident of the TGV-TER association

Discharge was given to the treasurer, Robert Fonck for the allocation of the income statement of € 186.51 to the reserve account. He recalled that the members of the association were responsible for their travel expenses and specified “the TGV TER association does not ask for subsidies but for memberships to communities and therefore does not need SIRET. “

A study on mobility

The Community of municipalities in the heart of Jura carried out a study that its director Pascal Bride presented. The Revermont line is considered essential, Mouchard being able to be considered as the railway joint of a catchment area of ​​50,000 inhabitants. The TER offer is decisive for the many training establishments in the Mouchard, Arbois, Poligny, but also Champagnole, Morez or even Saint-Claude sectors. However, rail transport needs to be linked with other modes of transport. The mobility law gives the Communities of municipalities the competence for the use of bicycles and carpooling. Overall, the public transport offer is little known.

The Mouchard-Salins link is decisive for the economy of the thermal baths, confirmation by the mayor of Salins-les-Bains, Michel Cètre. The link with the Region and neighboring territories must be strengthened. If the rail supply is insufficient, the impact on the local economy for home-work relations is immediate. However, there is an excessive imbalance between the supply to Besançon with 17 round trips dailies against 6 only towards Dole. However, mobility represents 10,000 jobs and 24,000 inhabitants in 5 years. Diagnosis confirmed by the president, Dominique Bonnet, who adds innovation such as the shared car.

Work at Mouchard station

President of the CC Val d’Amour, Étienne Rougeaux thanked the Mouchard TGV TER association through which the principles of participatory democracy and citizen consultation can be implemented. He recalls that the work of fitting out the station is carried out on the SNCF domain, with which the compromise is not always easy. The accessibility of the station buildings with a program funded by SNCF and the Region is now complete.

The multimodal interchange will include an 83-space car park, shades that will supply power to the electrical terminals and the station. It should promote interconnection with other modes of transport, at a cost of 850,000 €, which will be financed by the State, Region, CC, municipality and SNCF. Do not forget that it is the SNCF that decides.
The reopening of the station buffet, with the CC leasing the site to a catering professional, while leaving the SNCF the owner of the building.

“We need trains without which all this work has no interest. A schedule to Dole of 2 to 3 trains in the morning and an equivalent number in the evening seems a minimum. “

Etienne RougeauxPresident of the community of communes of Val d’Amour

Office renewal

Claude Jourdan, who has been a member since the creation of the association, does not wish to represent himself. The president, Evremonde de Saint Alary thanks him for all his work. Three people presented themselves and were unanimously elected: Pascal Bride, general manager of the CC Coeur du Jura, Clément Forêt deputy in Salins-les-Bains and the Arboisien, François Marti. They join Evremonde de Saint Alary, Bernard Brunel, François Camuset, Robert Fonck and Christian Olivier.

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