Sweden turned a deficit into a three-goal victory

For the second time this week, Sweden is victorious against Brazil. In Eskilstuna, the victory figures were written as 33–30 (15–14).

– I am happy about the win and that we once again scored over 30 goals, commented national team captain Tomas Axnér to SVT.

Just like in Uppsala last Thursday, Sweden was the better team when they faced Brazil in Eskilstuna. Tomas Axners gang ran more than the Brazilians and deservedly won 33–30.

Right from the start, Sweden showed evidence of fine shooting. Five of the first seven goals came from nine meters. Melissa Petren (two goals) was the first to show off his shooting arm. But also Kristin Thorleifsdóttir (four goals) and Tyra Axnér (two goals) contributed to the shooting display.

– I like to come in the second phase. They were probably a bit tired so it was easier for me to score, commented Thorleifsdóttir to SVT after the final whistle.

The first half was even in the Stiga Sports Arena. The half-time score was 15-14 to Sweden, which didn’t really get the defensive game right.

– A rather difficult first half. They come a lot man-man and we have some new combinations in defence. We must try to stop them a little more, said Line Blom i pause

Unlike Thursday’s international match, there was no Jamina Roberts, Sarah Johansson and Anna Lagerquist in the Swedish team. However, the debutante was Jennifer Johansson on board. The left six stepped onto the field in the 25th minute.

– Many of the new players came in and did great. We need that width, said the seven-goal scorer Nathalie Hagman, who tonight moved up to fourth place on the list of top scorers in national team history. In total, Hagman has scored 659 goals for Sweden.

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In the second half, Brazil got the best start. In the 38th minute the score was 17–20. Sweden still had to stop Brazil in the defensive game.

– In the beginning, we were a little too sparse and a little too offensive. Then became a little more compact. We helped each other better, said Thorleifsdóttir, who together with the defense colleague Clara Monti Danielsson got increasingly better hits on the opponents in the second half.

Thanks to an increasingly stable defensive line, Sweden was able to overtake Brazil in the goal tally. In the 44th minute, Hagman tied the score at 22–22. And a minute later did Elin Hanson the leading goal to 23–22. In total, Sweden scored seven straight goals between minutes 42 and 49, which gave the home team a five-goal lead 27–22.

Several of the goals came on the counterattack. The goalkeeper Johanna Bundsen charmed the audience in the hall with his precise drafts.

– We played as a team. We were well at the back and could run, Hagman said.

After Sweden’s turnaround, Brazil was never close to catching up. For the second time this week, Sweden won fairly. The margin of victory was finally three balls large, after Emma Lindqvist set the final score at 33–30 in front of roughly 2,200 spectators in Eskilstuna.

– I am happy about the win and that we once again scored over 30 goals. It is very positive. We look strong and energetic. Our run made the difference today, said national team captain Axnér.

The evening’s three-goal victory marked the end of the autumn’s first national team meeting. On Thursday, October 6, Sweden’s European Championship squad will be presented.

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SWEDEN–BRAZIL 33–30 (15–14)

Sweden: Nathalie Hagman 7, Elin Hansson 5, Kristin Thorleifsdóttir 4, Nina Dano 4, Linn Blohm 3, Tyra Axnér 2, Clara Monti Danielsson 2, Melissa Petrén 2, Emma Lindqvist 2, Jenny Carlson, Daniela de Jong.
Brazil: Adriana de Castro 8, Mariane Fernandes 7, Bruna de Paula 4, Tamires Frossard 4, Patricia Matieli 2, Larissa Araujo 2, Thais Fermo 2, Mariana Costa.
Goal development: 5 min: 4–3, 10 min: 7–6, 15 min: 9–9, 20 min: 11–12, 25 min: 1–2 pm, 30 min: 3–2 pm, 35 min: 5–6 pm, 40 min: 19–20, 45 min: 23–22, 50 min: 28–23, 55 min: 32–26, 60 min: 33–30.
Deportations, Sweden:
3 x 2 min. Brazil: 1 x 2 min.
Judge: Vanja Antic & Jelena Jakovljevic, Serbia.
Public: 2,267 (Stiga Sports Arena, Eskilstuna).


October 28: Czech Republic (18.15, Hatstore Arena, Kalmar)
30 October: Czech Republic (16.00, Brinova Arena Karlskrona)

Text: Olof Thyrelius Ericson
Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson/Bildbyrån