Swedish Prime Minister announces resignation, admits defeat in general election | Reuters

Sweden’s Prime Minister Andersson (pictured) has announced his resignation after conceding defeat in the general election held on 11th. Photo provided (2022 Reuters/Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via REUTERS)

[ストックホルム 14日 ロイター] – Swedish Prime Minister Andersson announced his resignation on the 14th, conceding defeat in the general election held on the 11th.

The right-wing factions of the Moderates, the Swedish Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Party won 176 seats, while the center-left ruling party, led by Andersson’s Social Democratic Labor Party, won 173 seats, according to the latest tally by the electoral authority. It looks like it did. The fixed number is 349 seats.

In this election, the far-right Swedish Democrats, who advocate anti-immigration, overtook the moderates to take second place. It marked a turning point in the country’s politics.

Prime Minister Andersson conceded defeat but warned that many were concerned about the momentum of the Swedish Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Moderate Party leader Christelson posted a video on his Instagram, announcing that work would begin to form a new government. He pointed out that there is great dissatisfaction swirling in society, and that the world is becoming very uncertain due to fear of violence and concerns about the economy. My message is to unite, rather than unite,” he said.