Sweet! Cat lives in a Bundesliga stadium

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How cute is that!?! The SCR Altach has had a stadium cat since the beginning of 2020.

A little over three years ago, “Miezla” appeared in the CASHPOINT Arena for the first time and has obviously felt at home there ever since. No wonder, since employee Jochen Simma takes good care of the velvet paw together with his father Bruno.

“The two are greeted with an expectant meow when they bring the stadium cat their daily portion,” reports the club.

On hand after the games

“Miezla” prefers to move away during the games, but she’s back in time after the final whistle. At least you can get hold of one or two leftovers from the grill at the “Simma stand”.

The animal Altach fan, who strangely enough practically wears the club colors as fur colors, also looks really well nourished…