Technology SwiftKey tips and tricks for Android and iOS

SwiftKey tips and tricks for Android and iOS


If you are looking for an alternative to the default keyboard of your smartphone or tablet, SwiftKey is an attractive option, available on iOS and Android devices. Initially launched in 2010, Swiftkey offers artificially intelligent writing predictions, almost unlimited customization and varied writing style options for your smart device. Whether you're looking for a keyboard that can increase the efficiency of your daily typing, or just want to evoke a chewing gum-inspired theme, our tips and tricks will help you get the most out of SwiftKey.

Please note that some SwiftKey features are only available on Android devices due to iOS limitations; These limits are identified below.

Backup and synchronization of your settings (Android and iOS)

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Before you start customizing SwiftKey for your device, be sure to configure the application's integrated backup function. With the setting enabled, SwiftKey will save the data you have learned about your writing style in the cloud, which you can then retrieve any other smartphone or tablet that you have logged in and also use the keyboard. To make sure your backup is enabled, open the SwiftKey application on your device and go to Account; from there, select the Backup and sync option, then make sure the option is enabled.

Add a row of numbers (Android)

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Are you tired of having to access a submenu to write numbers? Fortunately, if you are an Android user, you are only a few steps away from adding a row of numbers to your Swiftkey keyboard. To enable the row of numbers, start by opening the keyboard, then open the toolbar with the plus (+) icon, select the Settings option (represented by a gear) and scroll down until you discover the Row of numbers option, then enable adjustment with a check mark.

Enable classic SwiftKey gestures (Android)

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If you are not a fan of the SwiftKey Flow function, which allows you to type a word by simply sliding your finger between the appropriate letters, you may want to experiment with the classic SwiftKey mode. To disable SwiftKey Flow and switch to Classic mode, start by opening the Swiftkey application and navigating to the Typing section. Next, select Write and autocorrect, then scroll down and choose Gesture Input. Select the Gestures option, which will enable Classic Swiftkey mode, which allows you to swipe left on the keyboard to delete a word, down to minimize the keyboard and up to capitalize.

Customize your keyboard theme (Android and iOS)

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One of the funniest aspects of SwiftKey is the ability to customize the appearance of your keyboard; You can select from several preset themes or, ultimately, create your own keyboard from scratch. To select a keyboard theme, start by opening the Swiftkey application on your device, then select the Themes option. Scroll through the selection of keyboard themes and choose your favorite by tapping on it. If you want to be a little more personal, select the option Design your theme to create a keyboard based on an image of your photos.

Enable multi-language support (Android and iOS)

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Do you speak more than one language? Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to add multiple languages ​​to your keyboard for autocorrect and dictionary accuracy. To add additional keyboard language profiles, open the Swiftkey application and select the Languages ​​setting; From here, choose and download any additional language options. At this time, Android users can select up to five languages, while iOS users can select two. If your language uses a different keyboard layout, such as AZERTY instead of QWERTY, you can effortlessly switch between designs by pressing and holding the space bar at any time.

Become an advanced user with the SwiftKey clipboard (Android)

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Do you want to be able to save the content you copy to a longer clipboard? SwiftKey includes a powerful built-in clipboard for Android that saves the text you copied for up to an hour. To access your clipboard and paste content, start by opening the keyboard, then tap the Clipboard icon; Here you will find all your saved clips of the last hour. If you ever want to delete a saved clip, simply swipe left or right and it will disappear in the ether.

Move your keyboard by unzipping it (Android)

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Here is another SwiftKey tip limited to the Android community; The ability to unlock or float your keyboard. Don't you want your keyboard to feel at the bottom of your screen? It is not a problem with just a few touches! Once your keyboard is open, select the toolbar by touching the plus (+) icon, then select the Settings option (represented by a gear), finally, touch Float. You can now drag the keyboard across the screen to the place you want. To re-attach your keyboard, simply drag it to the bottom of your screen.

Check the statistics of SwiftKey (Android and iOS)

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Want to see how SwiftKey has improved your typing experience? Simply open the SwiftKey application and scroll down to see its usage statistics. From the Usage Statistics section, you can see your Type Map: a view of how your keyboard has been adjusted behind the scenes to fit your typing style, how many typos the keyboard has corrected, the distance your finger has traveled using Flow function, and more. Statistics may not be particularly useful, but they can be fascinating to see, which gives you a better idea of ​​how well SwiftKey is working for you.

Quickly insert emojis, GIFS and photos (Android and iOS)

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Are you trying to express the emotion through the text, but do you need a GIF to understand it? SwiftKey allows you to quickly insert an emoji, GIF or image from the camera reel at the touch of a button. With the keyboard open, select the toolbar by touching the plus (+) icon, then select the media you want to insert. Also, when selecting a GIF or emoji, you can manually search the content or use the search bar to refine exactly what you need.

Enable arrow keys for quick navigation (Android)

SwiftKey tips

Our latest advice from SwiftKey is for Android users who wish to navigate text fields quickly. If you find yourself wanting the arrow keys, your wish is granted. Start by opening the SwiftKey application on your device and selecting the Write settings. Next, select Keys and then scroll down to the Arrow Keys option. When enabled, your keyboard will display the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen, which you can use to navigate large documents or any other text content field easily.

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