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Swimming. Crocq catches a junior final in the 200m butterfly – Swimming

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French junior and senior summer championships in Dunkirk

In juniors over 200 butterfly meters, Rennais Gaspard Crocq was the only one to reach an A final. He came out in sixth place in 2’12”21.

For the senior ladies, the circle of Brest swimmers will have succeeded in placing one of their swimmers in the A final of each event of the day. Morgane Dornic and Claire Bourse failed at the foot of the podium in respectively 800 meters freestyle and 50 meters backstroke, Maéva Guezenec took seventh place in the 200 meters breaststroke. At the end of the 100-meter freestyle, Clara Le Bris finished eighth.

The results of the Bretons

Ladies : 100 meters freestyle (heats): 14. C. Le Bris (CN Brest) 58”13; 24. O. Hita (CN Brest) 58”60; 41. K. Haquin (CPB Rennes) 59”76; 77. Meignen-Retho (Vannes) 1’01”16; 78. I. Pelleau (CN Brest) 1’01”28; 92. Raulo (Vannes) 1’01”96. Senior A Final: C. Le Bris (CN Brest) 57”99.

200 meter breaststroke (heats): 8. M. Guezenec (CN Brest) 2’38”45; 27. L. Soulard (CN Brest) 2’44”26; 42. Y. Hamon-Hall (CN Brest) 2’48”14; 60. E. Bideau (CPB reindeer) 2’54”62. Senior A Final: 7. M. Guezenec (CN Brest) 2’39”88.

50 meters backstroke (series): 11. C. Bourse (CN Brest) 30”03; 31. K. Gautier (CN Guingamp) 31”22; 38. S. Beuchard (CPB Rennes) 31”51. Senior A Final: 4. C. Bourse (CN Brest) 29”77

800 meters freestyle: Senior A Final: 4. M. Dornic (CN Brest) 9’03”62.

Men 200 meters backstroke (series): 32. V. Hamon (CPB Rennes) 2’11”64.

200 butterfly meters (series): 24. I. Le Corre (St Brieuc) 2’10”07; 35. E. Cotten (CPB Rennes) 2’12”27; 38. G. Crocq (CPB Rennes) 2’13”46. Juniors B final 3-4: 1. I. Le Corre (St Brieuc) 2’07”59. Junior A final 1-2: 6. G. Crocq (CPB Rennes) 2’12’21.

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