Swiss-Re boss receives more money | company finance

(AWP) Christian Mumenthaler, head of reinsurance company Swiss Re (SREN 85.68 +0.09%), earned more in 2021. In total, Mumenthaler was awarded compensation of CHF 7.12 million, according to the annual report published on Thursday. In 2020 it was CHF 6.07 million.

More money, including Mumenthaler, was distributed to the entire management. According to the information, the 14 members who belonged to the committee in 2021 were awarded CHF 49.3 million after previously CHF 45.0 million. In 2020, 15 members were part of the management team.

On the board of directors, the new president and former UBS boss Sergio Ermotti received a fee of CHF 3.80 million, after having received CHF 2.62 million as a regular member of the board the year before. The compensation for the entire thirteen-member Board of Directors amounted to CHF 9.94 million, compared to CHF 10.0 million previously for 14 members.