Swiss restaurants record dream sales

Things have been going well in Swiss restaurants since the Corona rules fell. This summer sales are much higher than in previous years.

the essentials in brief

  • Restaurants have been making over 90 million sales per week with card payments since June.
  • At the beginning of June, a new high was reached with card payments.

Swiss restaurants had a bad start to the year. When the retail trade was allowed to receive customers again, pickles were still struggling with restrictions.

Meanwhile, the requirements are gone and business is booming again. So good that cashless transactions have reached new heights. This is shown by new payment data from Monitoring Consumption Switzerland, a project by the Universities of St. Gallen and Lausanne and the data analysis company Novalytica.

Specifically: Since the end of May, restaurant sales with debit, credit and mobile payments have always been over 90 million francs per week. That is higher than in the previous weeks 2020 and 2019.

Over 100 million a week

And not only that: with weekly sales of 105 million francs, sales in the pickling areas were higher than ever in 2019.

The figures do not give a complete picture, as no cash payments are included in the evaluation. This is relevant because payment behavior has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. From cash to card payment. It is quite possible that customers will pay by card today who would have paid cash in 2019.

Many companies are in the process of making up for missed months, says Gastrosuisse spokeswoman Daniela Kimmich. “At the moment it is still unclear whether the revenue losses of 2020/2021 can even come close to being offset.”

Business is generally better in the regions that were geared towards Swiss tourists even before the pandemic.

Do you pay by card more often than before the pandemic?

Kimmich doesn’t know how often people pay by card in the restaurant business. But: “We are assuming that the sales figures according to the Six transaction figures are rather overestimated.”

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