Switzerland has its first cantonal cyber coordinator

Lucerne has appointed a cyber coordinator: Stefan Frank took up the position around two months ago and will be responsible for a whole range of tasks. According to the job advertisement, the computer scientist not only mediates between technology, business and politics, but should also coordinate all matters relating to cyber security and be the central contact person. In the event of cyber incidents in the canton’s network or critical infrastructure, Frank should initiate measures with the canton’s management staff.

That’s a big job for one person. Frank is to receive support from the other departments of the canton of Lucerne in the future. As the press office of the Justice and Security Department confirms, those responsible are also appointed there to network with the cyber coordinator.

According to its own statements, Lucerne is the first canton to follow the recommendation of the Swiss Security Association (SVS). As early as January 2021, the cantonal and federal organization proposed appointing cantonal cyber coordinators. According to the SVS, the advantage of combining the tasks lies in the function as a central contact point within the canton and the coordination with national authorities and private actors.

Frank joins the canton of Lucerne from Cyone Security. He was Senior Security Consultant at the IT security company. According to the ‘Luzerner Zeitung’, the 50-year-old also completed career positions at the DDPS IT service provider FUB and received further training from NATO in cyber courses. Frank was therefore also involved in the national strategy to protect Switzerland from cyber risks.

The position had been advertised since last fall and was filled on April 1, according to the canton’s website. According to the ‘Luzerner Zeitung’ (Paywall), the new cyber coordinator is also planning a cantonal reporting office, like the one operated at national level within the NCSC. What this will look like exactly is not yet clear, as Frank explains on request.
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