Switzerland: The best fruit juices have been chosen

At the newly launched national fruit juice awards “Die Goldene Presse”, 53 producers from all over Switzerland competed for the best fruit juice.


87 samples were submitted. At the tasting as part of the BEA in Bern, the visitors chose their favorite juice. The newly launched family price goes to work oeschberg FrüchteUeli Steffen from Koppigen.

Die three top rated products of the award were rated with 93 points by a trained jury and then category winners chosen. These are in the category “Apple Juice Clarified/Fined” Andreas Jost from the Uetendorfberg Foundation from Uetenberg BE with the product “Charge No. 457”, in the category “Apple Juice Naturally Cloudy”. Mosterei Bussinger from Hüttwilen TG with the product “Herbstgold Pinova” and in the category “diluted juices” won Cédric Kilchherr von fruitdefendu.ch from Founex VD with the product “POMALO”.

In addition to the category winners five more products gold won. Among the fruit nectars, the apricot nectar from won Moïse und Jordane Carron from Fully VS the gold medal. Also received gold Jean-Marc Thury from Etoy VD for its grape juice in the category “Special fruit drinks” and in the category “Apple juice clarified/fined” Gregor Rehmann from Kaisten AG with “sweet cider clarified” and Ueli Steffen from oeschberg Früchte from Koppingen BE with the product “Süssmoscht”. The detailed results can be found on the website.

The audience determines the winner of the family prize

This year, for the first time, the family price awarded. The audience at the BEA trade fair in Bern had the opportunity to choose their favorite juice from six products. The best-rated product from each category was available, or, if it had already been drunk, the second-best product. The approximately 860 tasters chose one classic clear apple juice to her favorite juice. This is Ueli Steffen’s Süssmoscht oeschberg Früchte. The naturally cloudy apple juice “Herbstgold Pinova” from Mosterei Bussinger and “POMALO”, a diluted apple juice from fruitdefendu.ch, followed in second and third place

Exciting variety of mixed juices

This year was particularly noticeable throughout high quality both apple juices as well as some innovative special fruit drinks of fruit juices with hemp or selected herbs. There were many exciting products to taste, various types of fruit and herbs were used as mixing partners. That can interesting drinks lead, such as a mixture of apple juice with hibiscus or mint. They can also be used to address previously unreached consumer segments.

Superior tasting

This year’s tasting led ten experienced tasters from practice, consulting and research. With great logistical effort and a special procedure, in which each product received at least three independent results, the jury awarded the Gold and silver rating in seven different categories. The products submitted were classified as follows: clarified/fined apple juice, naturally cloudy apple juice (both with a maximum of 10% pear juice), pome fruit juice, mixed juice, diluted juices, fruit nectar and special fruit drinks. Only products made in Switzerland from Swiss raw materials (at least 90%) were permitted. (Swiss Fruit Association)