Switzerland went swimming in Cannes, at least on the Côte d’Azur

It’s almost like Christmas without the Christmas lights. You don’t even realize the event is happening. Maybe it’s because after two years of cancellation you’ve gotten used to the fact that there can be a creative life without Cannes.

Maybe it’s also because the shortlists for Switzerland this year are even shorter than their name allows. The only result are three shortlist places by Ruf Lanz for the Welti Furrer Kunsttransporte. Advertisers in Zurich are only woken up by the roar of a lion at night when they’re partying if they live near the zoo. The last Swiss hope, «No Drama» by Switzerland Tourism and Wirz Roger Federer and Robert DeNiro, also surprisingly dropped out of the race on Thursday without a shortlist. The spot “No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland” with Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway ranked second in this year’s Cannes Ads Leaderboard for the most popular spots in the Cannes competition on YouTube.

Also Dennis Luckfounder and managing director of Brinkertlück Switzerland, will not only not catch a lion, but not even a tomcat in Cannes this year.

“Unfortunately, Cannes is canceled for me this year,” he said when asked by the Klein Report. “Not because we don’t submit, but simply because I didn’t have it on my radar. When I saw the date, I opened my calendar and found that there were already dozens of appointments in there. And that just has absolute priority for me.”

The “still very young agency” Brinkertlück now has almost 60 employees, 28 of them in Zurich. «And since I’m a 1000 percent operative creative person, I unfortunately had to pass. A round of pity for me, please (laughs).»

Joking aside. Cannes is still a great event to be inspired, to learn something, to exchange ideas “and to drink rosé that is far too expensive”.

But Dennis Lück wishes everyone who is going there a fantastic few days and of course he is keeping his fingers crossed for all Swiss entries. “Bring a couple of lions home with you.”