Sylvester Stallone in TAXI 3. The real story behind this James Bond cameo!

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Sylvester Stallone is present in TAXI 3 (broadcast on July 2, 2020 on TF1). Yes, the star of Rambo and Rocky agreed, without being credited in the credits, to make an appearance in the production of Luc Besson released in 2002.

Taxi 3

It is in the intro scene of the film directed by Gerard Krawczyk that Sly performs. This intro is openly a James Bond parody. Stallone gave it to his heart. Extract below.

For the record, it is initially at Pierce Brosnan, then 007, that Besson proposed the cameo. But the producers of James Bond refusing to use the image of the character in another film as long as he was under contract, the cameo rolled over.

Besson then contacted Stallone who had indicated that he would like to shoot in one of his films. The eternal Rambo agreed on the sole condition that the scene be shot in Los Angeles near his home.

Samy Naceri and a reduced team flew to the United States to film part of the sequence. The rest was done with a lining in France. The scene takes place theoretically in Marseille.

Taxi 3

In VF, Stallone was doubled as usual by Alain Dorval whom we had the pleasure of meeting and who shared his anecdotes with Sly.

Sylvester Stallone



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