Sylvia Escovar will occupy strategic presidency of the EPS Sanitas Comprehensive Health Group

Sylvia Brush Gómez joined the Keralty group and will assume, from the Board of Directors, the strategic presidency of the EPS Sanitas Comprehensive Health Group.

“I take on this new challenge with the conviction of serving the country from a fascinating sector and from one of the companies most loved by Colombians, which focuses its promise of value on people’s health care and well-being,” Escovar said. .

The director is the former president of Terpel and has been a director of companies such as Corona Organization, Bancolombia, ETB, among others. He has also been part of government organizations such as the National Planning Department, the Bank of the Republic, the Secretariats of Education and Finance of Bogotá and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the IDB.

In addition, Escovar has been recognized on several occasions as one of the business leaders with the best reputation in the country.

Sergio Martínez, Global CEO of Keralty, highlighted that “Sylvia’s arrival at
our organization fills us with emotion because it will assume strategic leadership to achieve the transformation of the EPS Sanitas Comprehensive Health Group. We are convinced that his knowledge, experience and passion for everything he does will be of great contribution in this new stage and in the challenges that lie ahead”.

Within the EPS Sanitas Comprehensive Health Group, the contributory regime will continue under the leadership of Juan Pablo Rueda as executive president