U n couple yéyé with Sylvie, cerebral, with Nathalie Baye, idyllic with Laeticia. There was also Patricia, Babeth, Adeline…

Johnny loved women, and nobody, ever, will not count nor identify the exact number of all those who have crossed his life, all those he held her in his arms, and those he loved and those who loved it. Jean-Philippe Smet is a nice kid that attracts attention and plays with the girls. He begins by turning a sketch from Marc Allégret to The Parisian in the face of Catherine Deneuve that he looks at her with tenderness. He formed a liaison with a beautiful starlet girlfriend, Patricia Viterbo, look-alike choucrouté of Brigitte Bardot. It is the first with whom he lives. They live together. She is a brunette and is going to start in the cinema in the company of Eddie Constantine.

At the same time, one evening when he sings in Marseille with Jean-Jacques Debout in the first part, Johnny is speechless before the splendor of fresh and crisp of Sylvie, a young debutante who had already been brought to Paris by his brother, Eddie Vartan, a friend of Jean-Jacques Debout. Stunned, Johnny asks Jean-Jacques to give up her place in the small Bulgarian a little awkward but totally dazzling. Standing, fading away. Sylvie Vartan sings.

contact Nene Vartan

Johnny made his court, approaches the singer, and breaks up with Patricia who, shortly after, ends up drowned in the Seine in filming a scene of the Judoka agent secret. Attending the so cute Sylvie, whom he married in 1965, Johnny founded a home where was born David, a year later. The large blond boy, who was then all of a archangel beautiful, love Nene, the mother of Sylvie, who cooks him meals.

The contact of this extraordinary woman and survivor of the Bulgaria communist, sensitive and cultivated, he discovers the warm feelings and good manners. Nene Vartan is like a second mother to Johnny, who, even after his divorce from Sylvie, will continue to see it.

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Liaison with Nanette Workman

In 1972, still married to Sylvie who made tours and galas his side, he began an affair with one of his backup singers, Nanette Workman, with which it appears, but who ends up, after a year of liaison, by returning to Canada. Johnny and Sylvie sing together I have a problem smiling for the stars and they recover the pieces.

If the couple resist, it explodes, however, in 1980, after Sylvie has lost a child she was expecting. A year after his divorce, Johnny wife Babeth Etienne, who comes out of a first film role, in The Gendarme and the gendarmettes. His career is short, three films, her marriage short. Two months and two days.


During a tv show, he met the young actress Nathalie Baye. Johnny informed his audience by replacing the first name of Gabrielle, the title of one of his hit songs, by Nathalie. They do not marry and have a daughter Laura, whose, at his birth, Johnny does not get tired of contemplating the pictures in the magazines.

Natalie, who hates fuss and loves nothing as long as the cinema if not intellectual in the least intelligent, the this Jean-Luc Godard, who directs both in Detective. The relationship lasts three years. Once again single, Johnny married, 50 years old, with a young girl that he knows since always, Adeline Blondiau, the daughter of his friend of youth, the singer Long Chris. They were married in 1990, divorced two years later, remarried, with her wearing a gigantic hat immaculate in a Rolls-white, in Saint-Tropez. And they re-plant the following year.

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Before Laeticia, Gisele

Johnny does not have long to live a life of stick chair. It amourache, for a time, a pretty reporter from Paris Match, Gisele Galante, daughter of the hollywood star Olivia de Havilland. He met the following year, in 1995, in a nightclub on Miami Beach, owned by her father, a young girl curly, who was 32 years younger than him, model, cute, touching, born in Béziers. He married Laeticia Boudou on march 25, 1996, box arises and reveals itself, over time, happy beyond the sayable.

Only shadow in this picture of family idyll, Laeticia is not able to have children, which saddens. At the end of multiple steps, in full agreement with her husband, Mrs. Hallyday chooses to adopt a little Vietnamese, Jade, it will look for in an orphanage in the country where she was born and she brings them into the house of Marnes-la-Coquette, where the couple settled, after leaving the Villa Molitor, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Another little girl, Joy, similarly adopted in Vietnam, comes to join the family Smet, who, until these last days, lived in the middle of a park, well sequenced, in a peace country.

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