Amal Hussain was 7 years old.

His emaciated face and emaciated body made the front page of New York Times. Soon, the article and the photos that accompany it were very shared on social networks, becoming the symbol of famine in Yemen. Amal Hussain, 7, died of malnutrition, announces the daily newspaper (in English) Thursday, November 1st. "My heart is broken. (…) Amal smiled all the time. Now, I'm worried about my other children ", reacted the mother of the little Amal Hussain in the American newspaper.

The New York Times explains that the family ofAmal Hussain had to flee her home region because of air strikes. "We met Amal in a health center located in Aslam, 145 km north of the capital, Sanaa", writes the daily. "She was lying on a bed with her mother, nurses fed her every two hours with milk, but she vomited regularly and also suffered from diarrhea."says the newspaper.

According to the British NGO Save the Children, five million Yemeni children suffer from the famine caused by the war between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition since 2015 – a conflict that has caused 10,000 dead, according to the UN.


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