Symbolic team of the 24th round of RPL: ​​Safonov, Chalov, Dzuba


The symbolic team according to the "Championship" includes the most useful players on the RPL tour. In the 24th round, Zenit made a huge step towards gold medals, beating Krasnodar, Lokomotiv and CSKA postponed the decision of the European Cup issue, Orenburg suddenly defeated Rostov, and Dynamo and Ural won very important victory

Matvey Safonov, Krasnodar

"Bulls" missed three goals, but the "merit" of the goalkeeper is not in them – even in the goal Rakitsky the goalkeeper was practically not guilty, because St. Petersburg people were very slyly prepared for a direct free kick. Without Safonov “Krasnodar” could have missed three in the first 20 minutes: Matvey fended one-on-one, a powerful long-range strike under the crossbar and a head-kick at close range, and for the entire match made seven saves.

Tony Shunich, Dynamo

Team Khokhlova nicely kept the Samarans with a move, not allowing to create anything at all. Tony won 17 martial arts in defense (89%), made 5 selections and 13 interceptions, and also advanced the ball forward: 22 out of 42 accurate passes to the front, many of them in the middle or long distances.

Yaroslav Rakitsky, Zenit

The newly born father again put a fine goal from the penalty, routinely performed excellent diagonal passes in the flanks and semi-flanks, even made one transfer into the penalty area. In the defense, Rakitskiy, although he was not loaded in full (the main work lay on the Zenit midfielders), still played reliably, made six interceptions and even blocked a blow to the stop Klasson – however, on finishing Ignatiev and scored the first goal, but still.

The match that made Zenit a champion. We pulled it apart into molecules.

Tactical analysis of the most crazy game RPL in recent years.

Benedict Höwedes, Lokomotiv

German partner Kverkvelia, had a great match in the defense, but it was because of him Chalov scored his ball, so in the team of the tour – Höwedes. The world champion was reliable, did not make serious mistakes, made 3 selections and 5 interceptions, and also scored the most important goal – apparently, Benedict needed Semin because of the ability to grieve CSKA.

Mauricio Pereira, Krasnodar

Whole match Pereira held a defensive position, but that did not stop him from having a good match. In the defense, Mauricio played medium (6 interceptions, 1 selection), but in the attack he was a key player of the “bulls” in the second half (most of the programs in the second 45 minutes). Eight passes in the penalty area against the entrenched “Zenith” and a last-minute goal scored by a crazy long-range strike are signs of a great game. We will miss Mauricio.

Denis Popovich, "Orenburg"

The Slovenian spent the second match in a row in a position that is not native to him: yes, Popovich had once been a distributor for a long time, but Denis played other roles in Fedotov. However Popovich in the last round he was very good against CSKA, and in this he was directly involved in the destruction of Rostov. Denis – with a margin leader in the number of gears: he led the game from the center of the field, competently directed and changed the attack vector, made three accurate passes into the penalty area.

Andrei Egorychev, "Ural"

Andrei opened the scoring in the match with Rubin with a cannon blow to the corner because of a penalty, but he didn’t stop there. Yegorychev made 13 rebounds, with 5 on someone else's half, which is very important and not so easy against Rubin, and also intercepted the ball 4 times and made one selection, diluting it with a large number of gears ahead.

Fedor Chalov, CSKA

Young striker "army" progresses in all aspects of the game. Pro podryshry not news, but Fedor became bolder to beat and beat: an excellent goal from under Kverkveliya and 3 total blows (more only from Vlasic) confirm these words. Chalov acted well without the ball – both in pressure and in attack, in each episode, positioning himself next to a certain defender in such a way that one of the CSKA players would get freedom.

Chalov began to score more, but goals are not the main indicator of his progress.

Very soon Fedor will become the main striker of the Russian national team and will leave for Europe.

Artem Dzyuba, Zenit

To complete the series in 1100+ minutes in the RPL without a goal with a double to the gate of a direct competitor is just a fairy tale. Artyom silenced the haters: if a bunch of won martial arts and rebounds, the correct location for long passes, when leaving the defense bottom and when serving in the penalty area, as well as active work in the pressure someone could not notice, then two goals "Krasnodar" saw everything.

Kirill Panchenko, Dynamo

Kirill Panchenko rarely goes into the starting lineup, but I have not forgotten about the principle of “hit, hit and hit”. His long-range strike – albeit thanks to the rebound – flew through the gate and brought Dynamo the first victory in 6 matches.

Head coach: Sergey Semak, Zenit.

Petersburgers had the best match of the season; perhaps even the best match of the last few years. Semak well prepared for the game: Zenit destroyed Krasnodar for the first 20 minutes thanks to pressure, and then sat deeper and used both his strengths and the opponent’s weaknesses. In the second half, Krasnodar, despite the bulk, did not create an obvious moment. Thanks to this victory, Semak was as close as possible to the coveted title.


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