Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Symphony, the e-mail that are worth a billion dollars, has chosen Sophia


David Gurlé, the engineer of the original cannes is installed for twenty years in the United States, initiates the movement? Will he be the leader of the return to France expatriates from the techno and media? Himself would like to believe.

Guest of Bruno Lemaire, the minister of Economy and Finance, this afternoon at Bercy, the founder and ceo of the Symphony, the secure messaging that appeals to the banks, announces the opening of a research and development centre in Sophia-Antipolis.

It will recruit 30 software developers as early as this year, to reach the one hundred jobs by 2020.

This installation is the fruit of two years of work, we gave it on Friday afternoon with the smile of the child in the country who finds his land with optimism. in We put fifteen countries in a competition at the start, then three. Brazil, Singapore and France. France has won on pragmatic criteria of the contractor. By economic interest and strategic.

ecosystem in a strong point

In the Hexagon, Symphony has looked at three sectors : Paris, Grenoble…

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