Symptoms of High Cholesterol in the Feet that Appear at Night


JAKARTA Symptoms of high cholesterol can appear on the legs at night. Doctor Jeff Foster from H3 Health explained that one of the cholesterol signs Arterial clogging can appear in the legs at night.

Reported from Express, Monday (11/22/2021) even though there are cholesterol in the blood has no relationship with clinical symptoms, narrowing of the blood vessels that causes it.

The lower limbs can be the first to sound the alarm because the nerves in the legs and feet are more sensitive to sensory stimuli.

Doctor Foster explains that symptoms that suggest narrowing of the arteries are often concentrated in this area, because the leg muscles are the first to suffer from a lack of oxygen.

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“Initially when the arteries are narrowed, the pain appears with activity because the muscles run out of oxygen more quickly, but it gets worse, the pain can appear at night,” explains Dr. Foster.

“Patients may also notice their limbs or legs are turning pale, (more) cold, pins and needles, and there is no pulse. If they experience this, this is an emergency,” he continued.

While narrowing of the arteries of the legs is a warning sign, blockage of the coronary arteries is the greatest threat. Doctor Foster says that the most serious sign of this condition is angina, a sharp pain in the chest.

“When the coronary arteries become very narrow, it can cause ‘unstable’ angina or acute coronary syndrome. Both are basically saying pre-cardiac arrest and this is where they might appear at rest, or at night.”

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